1: Avoid thongs for vaginal health. Tight fit can lead to irritation and infections.

2: Say no to synthetic fabrics like polyester. Opt for breathable cotton underwear.

3: Steer clear of overly tight underwear. Allow for airflow to prevent moisture build-up.

4: Avoid underwear with harsh dyes or chemical finishes that can irritate the vagina.

5: Opt for seamless underwear to prevent friction and chafing in the intimate area.

6: Avoid wearing underwear to bed. Let your vaginal area breathe during the night.

7: Stay away from underwear with excessive padding or liners. Keep it natural.

8: Avoid re-wearing sweaty or damp underwear. Change after workouts or swimming.

9: Skip thongs and G-strings during workouts. Opt for moisture-wicking, breathable options.