1: "Tom Selleck's 'Blue Bloods' not renewed for 2024 season on CBS."

2: "CBS announces renewal of popular shows, but 'Blue Bloods' left out."

3: "Fans disappointed as 'Blue Bloods' misses out on renewal for 2024."

4: "Reasons behind CBS's decision to not renew 'Blue Bloods' for 2024."

5: "Speculation on the future of 'Blue Bloods' after non-renewal news."

6: "Impact of 'Blue Bloods' absence on CBS's lineup for 2024 season."

7: "Fans express their disappointment over 'Blue Bloods' cancellation news."

8: "Will 'Blue Bloods' return in future seasons despite 2024 non-renewal?"

9: "Analysis of viewer reactions to 'Blue Bloods' not being renewed by CBS."