1: Start your day with a healthy boost of iron and magnesium with these six easy Mediterranean diet breakfasts.

2: Try a delicious spinach and feta omelette or a refreshing Greek yogurt parfait packed with nutrients.

3: Get your daily dose of iron with a hearty bowl of quinoa and roasted vegetables or a classic Mediterranean-style avocado toast.

4: For a quick and satisfying option, whip up a smoothie bowl with spinach, banana, and flaxseeds.

5: Boost your energy levels with a chia seed pudding topped with berries or a kale and citrus salad.

6: These nutrient-rich breakfasts are perfect for busy mornings and will keep you feeling full and energized.

7: Incorporate these six delicious recipes into your weekly meal plan for a healthy start to your day.

8: With a focus on anti-inflammatory foods, these breakfasts can help reduce inflammation in the body.

9: Fuel your body with the nutrients it needs with these six best Mediterranean diet breakfasts for busy people.