1: Simone Biles and husband Jonathan Owens have a heated debate on the best diet for weight loss.

2: Simone argues for a plant-based diet, while Jonathan insists on a high-protein approach.

3: They delve into the benefits of each diet, from weight loss to overall health.

4: Simone cites research on the impact of plant-based diets on athletic performance.

5: Jonathan counters with studies showing the muscle-building benefits of a high-protein diet.

6: The couple decides to experiment with both diets to see which works best for them.

7: Simone and Jonathan document their journey on social media, sharing their progress and results.

8: Their debate sparks a conversation on the best diet strategies for weight loss and optimal health.

9: Ultimately, Simone and Jonathan discover that a balanced approach combining elements of both diets yields the best results.