1: Simone Biles' Gymnast Diet Revealed Discover what fuels Simone Biles' incredible gymnastic feats and how you can incorporate her diet into your own routine.

2: The Power of Protein Protein is crucial for muscle repair and growth. Learn how Simone Biles incorporates lean proteins into her diet for peak performance.

3: Carbs for Energy Carbohydrates are essential for sustaining energy levels during intense training sessions. See how Simone Biles balances carbs for performance.

4: Healthy Fats for Fuel Healthy fats provide lasting energy and support overall health. Find out which fats Simone Biles includes in her diet for optimal performance.

5: Fueling Workouts with Fruits Fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals to support recovery and endurance. Learn how Simone Biles includes fruits in her daily diet.

6: Hydrating Like a Champion Proper hydration is key for peak athletic performance. Discover how Simone Biles stays hydrated throughout her training sessions.

7: Snack Smart for Success Healthy snacks help maintain energy levels and curb cravings. Get inspired by Simone Biles' go-to snacks for fueling her workouts.

8: Simone's Secret Weapon: Supplements Learn how Simone Biles uses supplements to support her nutrition and fill any gaps in her diet for enhanced performance.

9: Balancing Your Diet Achieving balance in your diet is essential for reaching your full athletic potential. Follow Simone Biles' lead to fuel your success.