1: Deliciously simple Mediterranean meals for busy moms and picky eaters.

2: 5-ingredient Mediterranean chickpea salad - a fresh and satisfying lunch option.

3: Easy Greek yogurt and fruit parfait - a healthy snack for kids and adults.

4: Flavorful feta and tomato flatbread - a quick and kid-friendly dinner idea.

5: Lemon garlic shrimp skewers - a tasty and nutritious dish ready in minutes.

6: Tangy lemon herb chicken - a protein-packed meal perfect for busy weeknights.

7: Mediterranean quinoa stuffed peppers - a colorful and flavorful vegetarian option.

8: Creamy hummus and veggie wraps - a simple and satisfying lunch for on-the-go.

9: Sweet and savory Mediterranean fruit skewers - a fun and easy snack for the whole family.