1: "Acidic Foods" Cooking acidic foods like tomatoes and vinegar can damage the seasoning on your cast iron pan.

2: "Delicate Fish" Fragile fish like tilapia or flounder can easily stick and break apart in a cast iron skillet.

3: "Cheesy Dishes" Avoid cooking cheese-heavy dishes in cast iron as the cheese can stick and be difficult to clean.

4: "Desserts" Sweet treats like cakes and pies are best baked in nonstick pans to prevent sticking and flavor transfer.

5: "Highly Spiced Foods" Strong spices and seasonings can strip the seasoning from your cast iron cookware, affecting its performance.

6: "Dairy-Based Sauces" Creamy sauces and dairy-based dishes can lead to a sticky residue and affect the flavor of future meals.

7: "Thin Cuts of Meat" Thin cuts of meat can easily overcook and stick to the surface of a cast iron pan.

8: "Deep-Frying" The high temperatures required for deep-frying can damage the seasoning on a cast iron skillet.

9: "Marinades" Marinating foods in acidic or salty marinades can break down the seasoning on your cast iron cookware.